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Queensland Rail launches new site where personal etiquette takes on new meaning

Updated Wednesday, 28 March, 2012

QUEENSLAND Rail's popular train etiquette campaign is getting personal, with passengers invited to put their own names on interactive versions of the posters.

Previously, "Sally", "Mary" and "Tim" featured most prominently in the campaign which focuses on topics that can affect commuters' experience on trains such as people leaving their bags in the aisles, putting their feet on the seats or playing loud music.

Queensland Rail Chief Communications Officer Martin Ryan said the idea to customise the posters, came from the ever-increasing customer interest in the campaign.

"The campaign took on a life of its own on social media and the overwhelming response was what prompted Queensland Rail to launch interactive versions of the posters," Mr Ryan said.

"With this, you can customise a poster with your own or a friend's name, print it out, or share it with friends and family via Facebook or Twitter."

He said they had already had people tagging their friends on Facebook which has been spreading the train etiquette message.

"The etiquette campaign is about influencing the customers who disturb the journey for other travellers to ensure that everyone's journey on the City network is as pleasant and comfortable as it can be," Mr Ryan said.

"We know we have to do our part to deliver for our customers, but equally we know fellow commuters also have an impact on our customers' experience."

Some of the more controversial topics broached by the campaign, have been breastfeeding on trains, changing nappies on trains, and hair brushing and other personal grooming behaviours.

A Queensland Rail spokeswoman said at this stage, all commuters could do was to change the name of the figure used in the poster and not adjust the actual message at (linky).